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Beitragvon Zebra » 13. Mai 2019, 17:10

DMT Dialogues: Encounters with the Spirit Molecule

In September 2015, ten of the world’s leading luminaries noted for exploring the mysterious compound DMT (dimethyltryptamine) gathered with other researchers at Tyringham Hall in England to discuss the subject. Over three days, they pooled their expertise from a wide range of subjects--archaeology, anthropology, religious studies, psychology, neuroscience, chemistry, and psychopharmacology, to name a few--to explore the notion of “entheogenic plant sentience” and the role of DMT as a conduit between Spirit and Matter.

Offering cutting-edge insights into this visionary domain, this book distills the potent exchange of ideas that occurred at Tyringham Hall, including presentations and discussions on DMT entities, the pineal gland, the possibility of DMT as a chemical messenger from an extraterrestrial civilization, the Amazonian shamanic perspective on Invisible Entities, morphic resonance, and the science behind hallucinations. Contributors to the talks and discussions include many leading thinkers in this field, including Rupert Sheldrake, Rick Strassman, Dennis McKenna, Graham Hancock, Jeremy Narby, Erik Davis, Ede Frecska, Luis Eduardo Luna, Bernard Carr, Robin Carhart-Harris, Graham St. John, David Luke, Andrew Gallimore, Peter Meyer, Jill Purce, William Rowlandson, Anton Bilton, Vimal Darpan, Santha Faiia, and Cosmo Feilding Mellen.
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TRICHOCEREUS VOLUME 2 ist seit einigen Wochen erhältlich.
Lasst euch nicht durch den hohen Preis abschrecken. Das Buch ist ergänzent zur ersten Nummer jeden Cent wert. Die wichtigsten bekannten Trichocereus Klone sind mit Bildern vertreten und ich finde, dass dieses Buch ein absolutes Muss für den interesierten ist.

Erhältlich beim Author: ... tus-cacti/ und bei Kakteen Haage im Shop.
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Re: Der Buch Tip

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The Bufo Venom Medicine Experience: A sociospiritual study Paperback – May 16, 2019
by Abraham Pedro (Author)
The Bufo Venom Medicine Experience is written about a several year study conducted primarily within the United States psychedelic community to assess the virtues of a Bufo Venom Shamanic Experience. Utilizing the open voices of 196 volunteers who smoked the Bufo Venom in shamanic dosages, this study illustrates from a spiritual scientific platform to advance the claims of the experience itself. By utilizing the depth of spiritual belief, scientific methodologies, and the voice and power of the ancestral spirit of the Indigenous Author, Abraham Pedro weaves a masterful collection of fragments of society's perceptions of the Bufo into the golden medicine it is that has the ability to heal numerous illnesses.
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Beitragvon Zebra » 10. Jul 2019, 16:52

Keine Ahnung ob das Buch empfehlenswert ist, es scheint aber vielversprechend zu sein.
Es macht den Anschein als ob das Buch ein wenig in Richtung der Pharmako-Reihe von Dale Pendell geht.
In diesem Buch werden wahrscheinlich auch sehr schöne Illustrationen zu Pflanzen zu finden sein.
Vielleicht ja nicht uninteressant.
Laut Publisher sollte das Buch im August herauskommen.

The Green Mysteries: An Occult Herbarium
by Daniel A. Schulke


From the author of Veneficium comes The Green Mysteries, the monumental product of twenty-five years of experiential research on the spiritual and occult properties of plants. Being a compendium of trees and herbs from countless spiritual traditions, this exhaustive Herbal of esoteric botany examines in detail the folklore, magical uses and spiritual essences of the vegetal kingdom. While presenting the material through both magical and mythopoetic narrative, the stance of the book is also grounded firmly in supportive disciplines such as botany, chemistry, and anthropology, and also includes up-to-date phylogenetic and pharmacological findings. The text focuses especially upon the Doctrine of Plant Essence, and how those powers are utilized in the active practice of magic and sorcery.
Interspersed with encyclopedic plant entries are short narratives addressing such concepts as the Witches’ Flying Oinment, intoxicating incense, the herbal dimsension of Alchemy, and the ‘Green Saints’ such as Al-Khidir, the medieval Wildman, and the forest-dwelling Nymphs who nourished the Greek gods. More than a mere collation of previously existing works on plants, much of the material is drawn directly from the author's private field notes, diaries, and manuals of magical operation from 1991-2016, presented in an engaging narrative style.

—560 pages, with over 275 original illustrations specifically commissioned for this book, with original calligraphy by Gail Coppock
—12 full-page color plates
—Magical Correspondences, Ethnobotany, Folklore & Chemistry
—Charts, Tables, Diagrams and Lexica of Magical Botany
—Extensive information on Pharmacology and Posions
—Recipes and Ritual Formulae

Among the Twenty-Seven essays included within are 'Devils in the Basilica,' 'The Meaning of Viriditas', and 'The Rhabdomantic Art.' Also present is a special inclusion of a text entitled The Dream-Book of Sylvanus.
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