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Re: Kongresse, Messen und andere Veranstaltungen

Verfasst: 15. Aug 2019, 20:34
von Zebra
Psilocybin Summit

20.-22. September 2019


Re: Kongresse, Messen und andere Veranstaltungen

Verfasst: 12. Sep 2019, 15:52
von Zebra
Forum Bewusstseinskultur - The Comforting Delusion Objection and the Mechanisms of Psychedelic Therapy
28. September 2019 Berlin
Location: MIND Foundation @betahaus, Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 23, 10969 Berlin, 1. Floor

Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy is making waves in psychiatry. A growing body of evidence suggests that one or two doses of LSD and psilocybin, administered in controlled conditions, can reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, and addiction for many months. A philosophical concern arises from the fact that beneficial outcomes appear to be mediated by drug-induced “mystical-type experiences” of cosmic consciousness. Those sympathetic to a physicalist or naturalist worldview may worry, as Michael Pollan put it, that psychedelic therapy is “simply foisting a comforting delusion on the sick and dying”.

Extant responses to this “Comforting Delusion Objection” include: (i) holding that the cosmic consciousness is real, and so the psychedelic mystical experience is veridical (Richards 2015); (ii) arguing that the epistemic status of the psychedelic experience is less important, in the final analysis, than whether it improves patients’ quality of life (Flanagan and Graham 2017); and (iii) arguing that the epistemic flaws of psychedelic therapy, while real, are counterbalanced by significant epistemic benefits (Letheby 2016). However, none of these responses directly addresses the empirical claim at the heart of the Objection: that the induction of non-naturalistic metaphysical beliefs is the central mechanism whereby psychedelics improve psychosocial functioning.

In this talk I argue against this claim. Qualitative studies of psychedelic therapy suggest that not all patients who satisfy psychometric criteria for a mystical-type experience actually have idealistic experiences as of cosmic consciousness. Some, instead, describe experiences of acceptance, connectedness, embodiment, and “resetting the brain”. Therefore, idealistic experiences and beliefs cannot be the central mechanism of change. However, this does not mean that psychedelic therapy is a pharmacotherapy operating by a non-experiential molecular mechanism. I describe recent theoretical work suggesting that psychedelics induce mystical-type experiences, and bring about therapeutic benefits, by weakening high-level beliefs about self and world that structure ordinary experience. Along the way, I draw out some testable predictions of my account, which provides a case study of productive interaction between philosophy and the mind/brain sciences.

Re: Kongresse, Messen und andere Veranstaltungen

Verfasst: 24. Sep 2019, 17:40
von Gaius
Die Videos der letzten Breaking Convention sind langsam recht zahlreich und es kommen täglich neue: ... -sQ/videos

Re: Kongresse, Messen und andere Veranstaltungen

Verfasst: 28. Sep 2019, 00:39
von chronic
4tes Jenaer Ethnobotanik Treffen.png
Samstag den 28.09.2019 , 4tes Jenaer Ethnobotanik Treffen

Mit Vorträgen, u.a. einer praktischen Einführung in die Pilzzucht, am Beispiel von Speisepilzen. Präsentiert von Mitarbeitern des Leibniz-Institut für Naturstoff-Forschung in Jena und weiteren interessanten Vorträgen.

Mit Pflanzenbasar und Saatgutbörse.

Catering: Meister Eckehardts Garküche.

Der Eintritt ist frei.

Re: Kongresse, Messen und andere Veranstaltungen

Verfasst: 22. Dez 2019, 08:45
von Zebra
The Philosophy of Psychedelics: Exploring Frameworks for Exceptional Experience

Conference 16–19 April 2020
Reed Hall, University of Exeter, UK


n recent years a resurgence of studies into psychedelic states of experience has arisen in the cognitive sciences to such an extent as to gain the moniker, The Psychedelic Renaissance. The focus of these scientific studies has been upon the immediate medicinal value that psychedelics may bestow; but the value that the examination of such exceptional experiences may bestow upon the philosophy of mind, phenomenology, ethics, and academic metaphysics is a field yet to be mapped. To such an end, we are pleased to announce a conference on The Philosophy of Psychedelics: Exploring Frameworks for Exceptional Experience – to take place at the University of Exeter in the UK on April 16–19, 2020.

Re: Kongresse, Messen und andere Veranstaltungen

Verfasst: 5. Feb 2020, 20:41
von Waaagh
AM 25 April ist das nächste Ostdeutsche Treffen, diesmal mit Beamer und Vorträgen :)